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I am a FUTURIST who thrives working at the intersections of Free Enterprise and Humanity: Several years ago, I began a journey to live a more honest, authentic...altruistic life, merging my professional career with my greatest passion, advancing humanity. I was inspired by my heritage as a third-generation Native American from the Ojibwa tribe to create The Phluid project, as a way to honor the Two Spirit indigenous leaders of the past and present.  I created a place where I could leverage 30 years of fashion, leading multi-billion dollar brands from Macy’s, Levi’s, Nike, and Victoria’s Secret, coupling decades of work fighting for human rights and social equality.


Photo by Alberto Vasari

By creating The Phluid Project, I’ve immersed myself in an adventure of creating and exploring unchartered territories.  I’ve chosen to unlearn in order to relearn.  I went off into this wilderness with curiosity, parked both judgment and ego, and rooted myself in honest connection, social justice, and a deep interest in the desires of our youth. This commitment has created The Phluid Project, a gender-free fashion brand grounded in activism and community. Through The Phluid Project, I've had the great fortune of getting to know humans of every generation, gender, race, religion, and socioeconomic status, better understanding the reality of the limiting labels society prescribes to us. Creating the space between the binaries allows each of us the curiosity and freedom to truly be our authentic selves.

We are a BRAND! Fueled and inspired by the outlook and philosophy of younger generations, and realizing they want to dress and express in a way that heightens self-empowerment and demand for equality, I am extending The Phluid Project outside of retail experience.  

We are a brand with brand extension through licensing, wholesale, pop-up shops, partnerships, and collaborations. We are also an Education and Training vehicle, “The Phluid Certification”, helping to facilitate learning about the new generation and the non-binary mindset through Gender Expansive Training.  

As we continue on our journey, sharing the knowledge we’ve learned over the past two years and helping major companies prepare for this new generation, not only as consumers but as the newest generation to enter the workforce…I look around and recognize that there is nothing I would rather do with my life.  It is my greatest honor to be a part of this moment in history. I recognize my privilege to be a part of this cultural zeitgeist as we all learn to free ourselves of the past and move toward the to be.

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